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About the Forum 2020


The 2020 International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development (IEID2020), jointly sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), Shanghai Municipal Government (SMG) and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT), together with the National Development and Reform Commission and other related authorities, will be held in Shanghai.


With the theme of "Innovation – Empowering Emerging Technologies and Industries", the IEID2020 aims to provide a forum to bring together leading experts, entrepreneurs and policy-makers around the world, to share insights on the frontiers and future directions of emerging industries underpinned by disruptive technology innovation, and to pool collective wisdom for accelerating the development of emerging industries.

会议以"科技创新引领新兴产业发展"为主题,围绕工程科技发展前沿和新兴产业发展热点,聚集国内外专家学者、创新型企业家、政府创新管理官员等有识之士,就重大创新尤其是颠覆性创新及相关新兴产业发展问题进行 开放式互动交流,引导和促进全球重大科技创新和新兴产业发展。

With about 1,800 participants, the IEID2020 will consist of activities including plenary session, parallel sessions, roundtable meeting, science and technology achievements exhibition, and project matching.

IEID2020会议由主题大会、专题会议、专项讨论、成果展示交流与项目对接等组成。会议规模约为1800 人。

About the Intelligent Manufacturing Technology & Industry Session


Driving a new round of revolution in the second decade of the 20th century, Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing technologies have been generating many transformative technologies while substantially boosting the development of the manufacturing industry.

工业 4.0 和智能制造技术推动了 20 世纪的第二个十年的新一次革命,产生 了诸多变革性的技术,极大地推动了制造业的发展。

Since 2018, with the quick application of 5G technology, the rapid promotion of industrial internet platforms and the gradual integration of AI technology with the manufacturing industry, new trends and opportunities for accelerating development have emerged in intelligent manufacturing technologies and industries.

自 2018 年以来,随着 5G 技术的快速应用,工业互联网平台的快速推广以及人工智能技术与制造业的逐步 融合,智能制造技术和产业出现了新的动向和加速发展的契机。

Sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the 2020 International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development (IEID2020) – Intelligent Manufacturing Technology & Industry Session is undertaken by the Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering Division and the Information and Electronic Engineering Division, with School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University as the organizer.


Composed of keynote speeches and academic and technical discussions, the session will focus on the new technologies, modes, methods and industrial trends brought by the disruptive emerging technologies including 5G, Industrial Internet and AI, which have reflected profound influence in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0 technology and industrial development.

专题会将围绕 5G、工业互联网、人工智能的颠覆性新 兴技术对智能制造、工业 4.0 技术和产业发展带来的新技术、新模式、新方法和 产业新动向开展专题报告和学术及技术讨论。

Eight members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering will participate in the forum. The forum will invite over 20 guests from the acatech (National Academy of Science and Engineering), the UK Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng), Fortune 500 companies well-known in the manufacturing sector, and national key large-scale enterprises.

论坛当天将有 8 位中国工程院院士莅临,同时将邀请德国工程院、英国皇家 工程院、国际500 强制造业领域的知名公司和国家重点大型企业嘉宾 20 余人进行精彩的分享和圆桌讨论。

Aiming at in-depth exchanges on major innovations, disruptive technologies and emerging industries development in the field of intelligent manufacturing, the sharing and panel discussions will concentrate on the common issues such as industrial policy, the role of technological innovation in promoting economic development, and institutional mechanisms for non-profit research institutions and innovation and entrepreneurship incubation.

就智能制造领域的重大创新、颠覆性技术、新兴产业 发展等问题开展深入的交流,对产业政策、技术创新对经济发展的推动作用、非营利研究机构与创新创业孵化体制机制等共性问题开展深入的研讨。

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Please email your registration form by September 12, 2020.

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