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We are often told to "Think Outside The Box!" But no one ever tells us what "the box" is. "The Box" represents the boundaries of our "thinking" that protects you and helps you make quick decisions. To better Understand Your Thinking, we need to build a Box.

我们经常被告知"要打破常规", 但是没有人告诉我们应该打破什么常规。"盒子"代表你思维的边界,它可以保护你并帮助你快速做出决定。 为了更好地了解你的思维,我们需要造个盒子。

However, just thinking outside the box is not enough. We must also think about a better box. You need to think about your future planning and what you want to achieve, then you can create new boundaries of your thinking that will help you to realize it.


In a "Box Session", you will experience interactive activities, reflection discussions, designed to increase the levels of ability in "Thinking Outside The Box", while increasing your appreciation for the valuable role the box plays in your (work) life.

在盒子活动中,你将体验互动活动和反思讨论。 旨在提升"打破常规"的思路和方法,同时让你了解盒子在你生活中所发挥的宝贵作用。

This workshop will empower participants to 本次研讨会将使参与者能够:

  • Increase the levels of ability in "thinking outside the box" 提升"打破常规"的思路和方法
  • Cultivating the mindset & behavior for leading innovation & change 培养引领变革的积极心态和行为


Phase 1 – Decorate the outside 阶段1 - 装饰盒子外部

The outside of the box represents our public thinking, our personal branding. It reflects what we want people to know or think about us. It is the "face" that we show to the world. 盒子外部代表我们的公开想法和个人定位。它反映了我们希望人们如何了解我和认识我。这是我们向世界展示的"脸庞"。

Phase 2 – Map your filters and boundaries 阶段2 – 列出你的滤镜和边界

Each side of the inside of the box represents a different limitation we place on our thinking. By identifying the boundaries of our thinking, we are better equipped to know how to open new filters and go beyond those boundaries to think outside the box. 盒子内部的每一面都代表着我们思维的不同限制。通过确定我们思维的边界,我们可以更好地了解如何打开新的过滤器并超越这些边界以打破常规。

Phase 3 – Put the box on your head 阶段3 - 戴上你的盒子

Wearing the physical box on our heads creates a powerful emotional experience of how limiting our invisible thinking box can be. Through this experience participants experience the challenges of coordinating action, sharing opinions, making decisions and executing a plan with a box on their head. 将实体盒子戴在我们的头上,创造了一种强大的情感体验,了解我们无形的思维盒子是如何限制我们的。通过这种体验,参与者体验了协调行动、分享意见、做决策和执行计划的挑战。

Phase 4 – Apply the learning 阶段4 – 应用所学

In the debrief and application phase, we draw connections between the physical box they have created in the program with the invisible thinking box they have created throughout their lifetime. By identifying when it is best to think in the box, and when and how to think outside the box, we improve the conditions for leading. 在说明和应用阶段,我们把活动中创建的实体盒子和他们一生中创建的无形思维盒子联系起来。通过确定打破常规的最佳时机,何时以及如何打破常规,我们改善了引领的状态。

Language: Chinese/中文


Wuerth Industrial Park Shenyang, No. 119 Jianshe Road, Dadong District, Shenyang 110122


Fee: Member: RMB 500 德国商会会员 500元 | Non-Member: RMB 800 非会员 800元

(Fee includes work lunch, coffee break and training material 费用包括午餐,茶歇及培训材料)

Please Note:

  • Please register before September 6, 12PM! 请在9月6日中午12点前注册。
  • The total number of participants is limited, max. 2-3 participants per company. First come, first serve. 因人数受限(每个企业两至三人),先到先得。
  • You are requested to bring and wear a face mask during the workshop, please prepare accordingly. 请携带口罩参加培训。
  • Registration and payment upfront is mandatory. Please register first and you will receive an Email including payment instructions within two days. For this event, we will send you the payment QR code via email after your registration is successful, please pay in advance before the event starts. 请您务必注册并提前付款。注册后您将在两天内收到含有付款方式的邮件。此次活动我们将采取线上扫码收款模式,在您报名成功后我们将通过邮件发送给您支付二维码,请注意在活动开始前提前进行支付。
  • Electronic Fapiao will be sent to your email within one week after the event. 电子发票将在活动结束后一周内发送至您邮箱。
  • Any question on registration and payment, please contact shenyang@china.ahk.de. 如有任何问题请通过上述邮箱联系我们。


  • Mr. Ray Wang (Senior Trainer at The Leadership Group (Beijing))

    Mr. Ray Wang

    Senior Trainer at The Leadership Group (Beijing)

    Ray is one of the most senior and experienced facilitators at "The Leadership Group", with over 18 years of experience as a trainer, facilitator and coach, and has led or participated in scores of change management, leadership development, and team development projects throughout the years.

    Ray has localized the design of several existing global programs to make them relevant to China’s business environment and culture, and has coordinated and led the cascade of numerous China-wide training, change management, and culture cascade programs. He has in depth experience facilitating leadership development programs at all levels of an organization.

    Ray style is inspirational, he walks his talk and serves as a wonderful role model to developing leaders at all levels. Ray is certified in MBTI and The Leadership Circle, is a graduate from the Oxford Coaching and Mentoring program, and has an MBA. He is one of the original founders of Beijing Trainers Network.

    Ray is Beijing native and is fluent in English. He is also a high class chef who enjoys reading to expand his knowledge, yoga, and running marathons.

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